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Ready for Rapid Testing Intensive [2012]

July 21, 2012

Year 2005. End of the summer. My manager called me to his office and explained me that I’m the one who is supposed to form the test team. I have no idea if I asked him anything or how I felt at that time, but I’m glad I was ‘thrown’ to testing arena and I never looked for way out.

My first ‘mentor’ was Dietmar Berchtold, a tester from Vienna, who introduced me to Cem Kaner and James Bach blogs. I still remember some lessons I learned from Dietmar and especially the lessons which were mutual learning experience.

I worked on many projects and many times that meant new people, manager(s), country, product, technology, tools … There were periods when I wanted the change to slow down, but I was not afraid of it. I learned to deal with new and unknown. Am I?

At some point of time I said to myself that I need to know more about testing as profession. I need to work on my testing skills. In addition to reading all I can about testing, I started with AST BBST courses and with Skype coaching sessions with James Bach. Looking back to that moment, I remember I needed to convince myself there is nothing wrong to contact James over Skype and ask for coaching. And after that everything started to change. The heroes from the beginning of this post become ‘real’ people. I met James in person (RST training) and I had a Skype video call with Cem Kaner at the end of BBST Test Design course. And I met a lot of people from testing community during Let’s Test 2012, testing conference in Sweden.

And now Rapid Testing Intensive event at Orcas Island. Why? I see it as next important learning experience.

Test with people I never worked before. About 20 of them onsite and almost 90 online. Impressive list. Great experience.

I want to see how to build team, needed infrastructure, how to manage onsite and many online teams from all around the world. All in 5 days.

James and Jon Bach, Robert Sabourin, Karen N. Johnson, Paul Holland. To mention only those who will be on Orcas Island.

I want to be there, I want to see, to participate and to learn. And I knew that from very first moment, from the moment the event was announced.

And soon it will be time to take my baggage and …

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